Palmyra and Yafour Palaces

Project Site : Rif Dimashq – Syria. Design : 2010. The case is to provide the shop drawings, the ancient and complex the Oriental decorations and the detailed Arabisk.  

Massar rose

Project Site: Damascus, Syria. Design: 2011. The case is to restudy the building and the landscape. We provide the need detailed drawings by using BIM techniques. The scope of work covers architect drawing, structural and MEB.

The green kiosk

Project Site:Damascus –Syria. Design: 2013. Concept: The idea of ​​the kiosk came from the possibility of putting it any where without the need for electricity. The Kiosk is equipped with electricity through solar energy which is harnessed using solar cells with 1500 watts and through two wind turbines each one of them is 600 watts. The excess energy from […]

The building 12

Project Site: Damascus –Syria. Design: 2013. Concept: The idea came from Termites which build a house underground and create the antenna tower for ventilation and heating the house throughout the year. The building is characterized by the use of alternative energy system that based on natural ventilation, and which produces 60% of winter heating and […]

Dar al-Hadith Museum

Project Site: Old Damascus, Damascus, Syria. Design: 2009. Recently, the school renovate to fit in with the old stones and to take the same style and the method used during construction in the past.

Yousef Al-Azmeh Museum

Project Site: Old Damascus, Damascus, Syria. Design: 2012. With a view to support the restoration projects which are connected with national history, it has been restored Yousef Al-Azmeh’s house and converted into the archaeological museum where there are Yousef AlAzmeh’s valuable collectables and documents of Maysaloon Battle. The aim of restoration is to maintain the […]


Project Site: Old Damascus , Damascus , Syria. Design: 2009. Khan EL-RIZ dates back to The Ottoman Empire. The Restoration is to restore the original designs of the skylight and to  Repave the ground with basalt stones.

Al-Fayhaa sports city

Design:2005. Project Site : Damascus , Syria. The“Bunny Jump”is inspiring here.

Water tanks in Al-Sweda

Project Site: Al-Sweda , Syria. Design: 2013. Concept: Design of water tanks that used to supply Salkhad and Shahba in Al- Sweda . The need for these water tanks to provide storage of water for  drinking water, Irrigation agriculture, Fire suppression and agricultureal farming.

Ruken AL-Din and Dummer Cliffs

Project Site: Damascus, Syria. Design: 2012. The purpose of the project is to provide study of the geo-technical characteristics of the steepest mountain slopes in this zone. Various ways are use to increase the mainstay of the area like Retaining walls, Metal form work , and Geo-textile.