Massar rose

Project Site: Damascus, Syria. Design: 2011. The case is to restudy the building and the landscape. We provide the need detailed drawings by using BIM techniques. The scope of work covers architect drawing, structural and MEB.

The building 12

Project Site: Damascus –Syria. Design: 2013. Concept: The idea came from Termites which build a house underground and create the antenna tower for ventilation and heating the house throughout the year. The building is characterized by the use of alternative energy system that based on natural ventilation, and which produces 60% of winter heating and […]

Nursing School

Project Site: Idlib ,Syria. Design: 2009. It is white as the nursing.

Altal Mall

Design Year:2012 Location: AL-Tal, – Damascus –Syria. Total area : 500 m² Concept: The design was inspired from the components of nature and the cliffs natural of the area. The structure system consists of mixed system, concrete system,and steel structural system. The vegetation was the solution for the random residential buildings and the congestion that […]

Nizar Kabbani Building

Project Site: Damascus –Syria. Design: 2012. Concept: From Nizar Qabbani quotes “My Lady. The one who was made of Cutton and Clouds.The one who i can call her a Rain of Jewe.l and the River of Nahound. and a Row forest.”

Damascus International Airport

Project Site:Rif Dimashq, Syria Design:2003. Concept: The airport expands to include airport terminals, corridors, reception venues, warehouses and commercial centers. Consists of steel and glass halls, buildings and paths for receptions, and stores. The study of the airport aim to improve the durability of the concrete airport pavements.

Urban development of the area 66

Project Site: Damascus, Syria. Design: 2013. Concept: The idea of the towers is based on harnessing nature and climate to work together for the service of man. The idea of the tower adopted on the unification of the internal division of residential apartments in order to speed of implementation using precast concrete structures. We use […]